Fall 2017

A Scientist's Scientist

PARLIAMENT HILL in Ottawa was the site of Justin Trudeau's Sept. 26 introduction of Canada's new chief science adviser — heart researcher and biochemist Mona Nemer. "As a young person," the prime minister began, "Dr. Nemer knew she wanted to be a scientist. She didn't let anything stand in her way, not the middle-school teachers in Lebanon who told her that young girls shouldn't go into science. She disagreed, and became one of the first young women to study science in her high school. Not even war could dissuade her from her path."

Broadway Shockers

Wichita State's School of Performing Arts has graduated scores of talented actors, singers and dancers over the years — and a lucky few have hit the big time on Broadway. Three Shockers who've had the thrill of treading the boards on the Great White Way — two in the first decade of their careers and a veteran who's moved on to new projects — share their thoughts on their experiences on musical theater's biggest stage.

Sporting Careers

Armed with degrees in Sport Administration and Exercise Science, Wichita State graduates have spread across the land securing positions at scores of noted athletic organizations in just about every sport on earth. This fall, The Shocker caught up with four Shocker grads whose sporting careers are on the rise.

The Artful Grace Wilkie

Grace Wilkie was far better known for her artful spirit of service to students than her eye for art. Though in at least one instance — "Autumn Flowers No. 1," 1932, by the British painter Ivon Hitchens — she proved artfully astute.