Spring 2017

Innovation Way

If you haven't been on Wichita State's campus for a couple of semesters, this will be new to you: the university's vision for an Innovation Campus has taken on shape and heft, one that's Shocker all the way.

Der Heldenbariton

"When Marie King joined the faculty," notes Rodney Miller, dean of the WSU College of Fine Arts, "everyone was excited to know that the reins of the opera program were being taken over by someone with significant professional experience to draw from."

Road Block

This time around, Wichita State led for nine minutes. Kentucky for 25. There were 11 lead changes. The Shockers and the Wildcats shot within three percentage points of each other: 42 percent for UK, 39 for WSU. The teams were equal at 67 percent at the foul line. Second-chance points went 11-10 one way (Wildcats), bench points 11-10 the other (Shockers). Rebounds were 38 for Wichita State, 36 for Kentucky.

The Boosting Power of Microcredentials

This fall, Wichita State University will offer some 50 short, self-paced online courses as part of its new badge program. Badges and microcredentials in general are a growing trend in higher education, providing students with opportunities for professional development in shorter, focused coursework.