Summer 2003


University of Wichita graduates Larry and Anita (Dinsmore)
Jones celebrate their Class of 1953’s 50-year reunion in
May. Class members returned to campus for festivities May
15-17. Larry (but not Anita!) is pictured in the inset, which
is from the 1953 Parnassus.

Oh, that  “Jack” Jones!

Dear The Shocker:

I’m sure this isn’t the first communique about the photo on page 16 of the spring issue in which Larry Jones ’53 is identified as “Jack” Jones.

For those of us who have known Larry and Anita (Dinsmore) Jones for more than a half-century, this brought a chuckle.

That is particularly the case since Larry is a former CEO of the Coleman Co. and has many ties to WSU.

Although probably not the WuShock Thomas Wolf ’59 references, this file photo (below), labeled only “Homecoming House Decorations,” illustrates the exuberant nature of Homecoming activities.

I enjoyed the article about Hippodrome, which I haven’t attended in decades. Apparently, it has retained its reputation as a set of hilarious spoofs.

In the old days, the vulgarity of Hippodrome was sometimes matched by that of house decorations for the Homecoming football game. One year, the Men of Webster were penalized for their two-story construct of WuShock. The Homecoming judges determined that a certain finger on that display was posed in an inappropriate position.


Of course, that was a totally innocent oversight by those of us who worked on the display.

Thomas P. Wolf ’59
New Albany, Indiana

Editor’s Note: Our unfathomable renaming of Larry Jones was especially egregious because not only do he and his wife Anita have extraordinary presences in our Shocker community, but they went out of their way to participate in a photo shoot to help celebrate their Class of 1953’s 50-year reunion, which they were unable to attend.

For the record, Lawrence M. Jones is a life member of the WSU Alumni Association, the 1975 recipient of the WSU Alumni Achievement Award, the highest honor bestowed by the association, and a 1992 Fairmount Founders award winner.

And he continues his esteemed service to his alma mater as an active member of the WSU Foundation’s National Advisory Council. We here at The Shocker sincerely hope our mistake has not caused these two wonderful Shockers any undue chagrin.